Thursday, 28 January 2010

All aboard for the ride of your life!

Things I had planned to do today: Get up early, set Kianna up with her lessons, help Charley with her maths, print more coursework, sort out the coursework schedule, find out the exam dates, knit some rows on the shawl I am knitting for mum.

Things I managed to do today: Help Charley with her maths, find out the exam dates, um, yeah, that's it.

I didn't get up early. However this isn't my fault for being a lazy arse (though I am a lazy arse), it's purely the fault of a certain Mr Andrew Murray, who had the audacity to lose the first set of his semi-final. This meant I had to stay in bed and give the match my full attention. It worked, he won. But I lost the entire morning to this job. Luckily, Kennie took over the lessons for Kianna, so when I eventually ventured downstairs, I was all set to help Charley with her coursework. Index Notation. Great. I was never any good at this, so we had a great time working it all out together. But boy, it took ages. So no printing got done. I did find out the exam dates though, 7th and 11th June. Which gives us 18 weeks to do 19 units. Plus revision. It's gonna be tight. I suggested that she went for the November sitting, but no, she wants to get it out of the way. So June it is. Expect lots of Maths related rants on this blog in the next 4 months!

Knitting didn't get done either. We'll be watching Torchwood this evening, and I need to choose between knitting and printing while it's on. Somehow I think knitting will win. I'm making a shawl for my mum, who has breast cancer. I originally had planned to have it ready for 10th Feb, the day of her operation. The her op got moved to 3rd Feb, and Charley left school, and it all went a bit belly up. So now I'm hoping to have it ready for 13th Feb, my mum's birthday. Mum has invited me and my brother to stay at her house for her birthday, very unusually. I think she's worried it will be her last birthday on this earth so wants her family round. That's cool, I can totally understand. I was actually looking forward to it. Till I spoke to my brother. It turns out she has also invited other members of the family. Which means I'll be on show. And they don't like me. I'm too direct, too hippy, not conventional enough for them all. And I can't get out of it. It also means that my gift of a hand-knitted shawl will be opened in front of them, and subject to scrutiny. Bollocks. Insecurity and social anxiety, oh how I love thee.

My head is full of so much shit, too many thoughts all buzzing about and no way to control them. This year is gonna be a roller-coaster...

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