Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mythbusters: The Islington Special!

We've decided that one of our next project days should be a Mythbusters day! So far we're going to find out if a pancake really can stick to the ceiling, and why; does toast really always land butter-side down; the famous diet coke + mintoes experiement, but also using regular coke, lemonade and fizzy water, and recording the effects. We probably need one or two more fun experiments to make a full day of it, any ideas?

In other news, it's half term for Jess, so I've taken a week off teaching the others to get ahead with printing and planning. I printed off an ebook last night. I was using the pdf on the laptop to help with the lessons, but Matthew found it quite distracting with me looking backwards and forwards, so I decided that printing it off would be a better option. This way, I can have the book in front of me and won't be looking away from the kids. Luckily, I discovered 'print booklet style' which used 4 times less paper. It used a LOT of ink though. Luckily (so I thought) there's an Argos near me so I thought it would be easy to pick up some more black ink. HA! My printer takes 3 different blank in cartridges but do you think any of them were in stock? Nope! Not only that, but none of them were in stock at the next two nearest store either! Luckily, the third store does have them, so I've sent two very happy teens off to get me ink. And flour, eggs and lemon juice, it is pancake day after all!

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